Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank You

I wanted to thanks Red Pack for the wonderful gift.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

10th Birthday Party for Girls

We recently celebrated my daughter's 10th birthday with a sleepover. I was at a loss for things to keep them occupied. I managed to pull it off with great success. First we did hair wraps. This was my daughter's idea. At first I wasn't happy about it, I have never done a hair wrap in my life. But with a little research & some practice, it was a great success.

Next on the agenda was to decorate their own pillowcases. We used fabric markers & just plain white standard size cases & the girls unleashed their creativity.

Of course what party goes without food? The girls made their own mini pizza. I just used plain bread dough & made small pizza shells. The girls added their own toppings & then we baked.

Next was the cake. For the love of soccer it was a soccer cake. It was of course homemade.

To top off the night, the girls did a glow in the dark scavenger hunt with glow sticks. We turned out the lights only allowing night lights. The girls divide themselves into 2 teams & searched for the hidden glow sticks.


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