Monday, March 29, 2010


I have a permanent scar on my heart. Just as it was healing the scab has been violently ripped open once again & it is bleeding profusely. My question is, "Why?" Why is God doing this?

Over the weekend my son's best friend lost his mother due to a year long illness. She was only forty years old. She was a wife & mother of three beautiful children. Why? Why was she taken so young? I am angry! Angry with God right now. Why would you take her away?

There is an eleven year old boy who's mom won't be there to see him go to the prom & graduate from high school. A young woman who's mother won't be there when she graduates in three years from college & help her pick out a wedding dress. What about the young man who's mother won't be there when he comes home from the service in two years.

Maybe I'm selfish. I just don't think that it is fair. There are drug addicts & crack whores that walk the face of the earth. Why? She was a devoted Catholic, CCD teacher. Why her God? Why?

Mothers, love & hug your children. Wives, love & make love to your husbands. Daughters, take care & respect your parents. Sisters, embrace your siblings. Aunts, reach out to your nieces & nephews. Live each & everyday as if it were your last for we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

God Bless you Maria. Your suffering is over. You will truly be missed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kitchen Almost Complete

Moving right along. The hardwood floors to be installed this week. Still waiting for a closing date.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great Walk Gone Bad

Yesterday I dropped off my mom at physical therapy & had about an hour to kill. The sun was shining & the sky was blue & what clouds that existed were white (not the gray that we have gooten use to). I decided I was going to take a walk along the trail in the area. I have lived in the area for years & never had the time to explore the trail, so what better time than today. So off I went on the trail.

I enjoyed the cool sunny walk with the view of the river over my shoulder. My stress started to leave for some time. I came to the end of the gravel trail & had to take the sidewalk to get to the destination I had in mind. However, the plans changed as I started on the sidewalk. I glanced down & began to notice something on the sidewalk & walked around it. I continued, & began to see more of this "something". As I walked around this "something" I noticed more & more. At this point I became sick & turned around. The entire sidewalk was full of shit.

I don't think it was from the geese that frequent the area. It appeared to be dog shit. How hard is it to take a bag clean up the shit from your dog? I am a dog owner & that is just the first rule of thumb. I am not talking about one dog but multiple.

So if you are a dog owner & walk your dog on the sidewalk, please be kind & pick up after your dog.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Description of an Elderly Person

Recently I have come to the conclusion that the description of an elderly person is a cross between a toddler & a teen.

Toddlers often toddle around, still unsteady on their feet. They continue to need assistance of a parent, but somewhat independent. A teen is often moody, stubborn and thinks they know it all. They will do what they want, when they want. Teens don’t understand that their actions can cause consequences.

I am finding out more about the different seasonings of this generation the longer I am a member of the Sandwich Club. Each day there is a different spice or herb to add to your sandwich. Last weekend I could have used the herb of cannabis, for mom, to sedate her obsessive-compulsive bizarre episodes or for my husband & me. We had the “privilege” of cleaning out her house last weekend. Her house contained 60 some years of “collectibles”. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Prom Dresses

So it's March. Spring SHOULD soon be in the air, one hopes. Prom season is just around the corner. So what are the latest fashions for 2010?

Tie dye & print, along with longer, full length are big this prom season. Prom Girl has every type of dress from sweet to sexy, short to long ( They even have dresses under $100. Great for anyone a budget. I think they have a selection even I would let my daughter select from. This site is a mom approved site.


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