Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just One of Those Days

A good friend and I had planned to meet at the new wine store, sample some and just be adults before the kids got out of school. I was so looking forward to this day. However I got off to a late start and tried to make a quick mental list of tasks to do: get gas (cause I'm running on fumes), go grocery shopping, (because everyone complains there is nothing to eat) marinate the lamb(new dish I am trying) and meet my friend.

So out the door I go and don't you know it starts pouring down rain. I pull in to the gas station to pump my gas and get pounded by the rain. I thought to myself, it is just rain. Then I looked down at my feet and noticed that I had two different shoes on. I can not possibly go into the grocery store with two different shoes on my feet. So back home to change my shoes and then back out the door to get groceries.

Next stop was the grocery store. I was on a mission to buy a nice piece of lamb. I happened to watch Rachael Ray cook up an awesome Mediterranean Lamb dish that I just had to try. I knew NOTHING about lamb. Thank God for the butcher, I explained to him what I wanted and he cut a nice piece of meet for my needs.

Then it was time check. I have got to check out if I am going to get everything done before my "outing". It's a miracle, no waiting in line to check out (that never happens to me). Check out, rush home, unload my groceries, and prepare my lamb for the marinade.

I prepare all the ingredients except for the lamb. Wait, where is it? The lamb, that beautiful special cut lamb. It has to be here. I checked my receipt. I had everything but the lamb. So back down to Giant Eagle I go. Check with the cashier, sure enough I forgot to take it. Hurried home and finished preparing the lamb. Back out door to meet my friend for that well deserved glass of wine. Oh yeah, did I happen to mention that the grocery store was in the same mall area as the wine store?


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