Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tragic Kingdom Finally Magic Kingdom

My Tragic Kingdom finally turned back to Magic Kingdom. If you read my previous posts, you know about the horrible start to my Disney vacation (if you didn't read the posts, shame on you-just kidding). My vacation actually has a happy ending. The following day, my mother had surgery on that broken hip & all went well. I arranged for a fight the next day & landed at the Orlando Airport round 12 pm Sunday. My mother in law promised my that she would visit my mother frequently & that she did. Mom is currently in a local nursing home for rehab. Things are slowly looking up.

Reunited at last!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why Magic Kingdom Became Tragic Kingdom Part 4

So as Maggie darted passed my rescue crew & toward the main road, my heart sank. I thought she will not be coming back. I was convinced that I would find her lifeless body on the main road. I did not give up, no did my rescue crew. We then expanded our search to larger areas. I even searched my own street in hopes that she would find her way back home. No luck. As my rescue crew & I grew tired of combing the streets, we decided to take a break. Off to the hospital I went.

I arrived at the hospital to find out that my mom broke her hip & will require surgery. That's just great. Now what? I have no emotional support with my husband & children in Florida. I wrestled with the thought of calling my sister in Virginia. I prayed to God for strength. I made the decision to call & left a massage explaining in detail the situation. She did return a message responding, I don't know what to tell you. Do you want my to come up? Yeah, I know to others this would be a no brainer, but my family is very dysfunctional. I shouldn't have to tell a 53 year old woman what to do. At this point I just wanted to scream in anger.

I finally spoke to her & she decided that she would leave the next morning to come home. Thank you, Lord. I thought that at least if she is here, I can catch a flight out tomorrow after her surgery.

As far as my mom's condition, she was heavily sedated for the pain & was going to be transferred to a med/surg floor. At this point, I felt helpless & I couldn't do anything else for her. She was stable & in good hands. I made the decision to leave & go look for the dog once again.

It was now about 4 pm on Friday. My husband called for an update after a successful arrival in Florida. We discussed the plan that I would stay until after the surgery & to make another attempt to find the damn dog. If all goes well with the surgery, I would leave for Florida on Sunday. I was so torn about the whole decision but we planned this trip months ago & my sister at this point was coming in.
I returned to my mom's house for one final attempt to find Maggie. I placed all of her blankets, toys & food on the porch in hopes that she would smell them & find her way back to my mom's.

I grabbed a bag of treats & walked the neighborhood about 3 times calling her name & shaking the bag of treats. No luck. As I stopped to talk to a neighbor, another neighbor asked if I found the dog. No I replied. She then said she saw her crossing another main road by the golf course. I then jumped in my car & off I went. I had that sick feeling once again that I would find her body on the road.

I stopped the at the golf course to inquire about the dog. No reports of a dog on the course. The man was very nice & told me that he would send out a few guys to look for the dog. I then searched the areas that would surround the golf course. My optimism at this point was turning very grave. I can't tell you the vast amount of woods that surround the golf coarse. I touched base with my sister & she changed her plans. She is not coming. She forgot that she has 3 doctors appointments next week with specialists & it would take 6 months to get another appointment. Go figure.

My mother in law called & said that she would return to help look for the dog before the sun goes down. I searched & searched. Reality set in. I began to tell myself that there is no way in hell that I will find this dog. How do I tell my daughter that her dog is gone & grandma's condition is fragile. I drove the outlying streets near the golf course & stopped & asked a few gentilemen if they saw the dog. No luck. One of the men suggested I put a sign up in the local store/gas station. At that moment a light bulb went off. I decided to stop at hte store & ask. So off I went.

I spoke to the gas attendant & he said that he saw the little brown dog with the red leash dart down the main road about 45 minutes ago (Maggie is now know as the little brown dog with the red leash). I then called a friend that lived on the main road & asked if she saw her at some point today. She replied no, but offered to come out & help look. I parked the car on a side street & began to walk to main road & look near an open field. I crossed the main road (my house is just behind this main road) & asked the neighbor if she saw the Maggie. Shse replied, no.

I heard barking. I called again & listened. I didn't get my hopes up because the neighgbor that lives near me has the same bread. I called again. I heard a bark. I continued to call & the bark became more familiar. I ran through the yards until I reached my house. I walked up the drive toward the barking. How to my surprise do I find sitting on my back porch, Maggie. Barking at the door waiting to be let in the house. My heart at his point filled with joy.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why Magic Kingdom Became Tragic Kingdom Part 3

Yes, I kissed my husband & kids good bye with tears in my eyes. I got back in the SUV & headed for the Parkway. It was a lonely trip. So many thoughts swirling around in my mind.

I reached my mom's street & began to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I questioned the neighbors that live around my mom. They told me that she fell & couldn't get up. She called for help, two of the neighbors came running & the ambulance was called. She didn't hit her head so that was a positive outlook.

What about the dog? Has anyone seen the dog? The next door neighbor & his wife replied, we tried to catch her but she wouldn't come, she is so fast. I then started my search for my dog. I walked numerous times around the plan calling her name "Maggie". No luck. My in laws arrived to help. I thought for sure that Maggie would show up with my mother in law calling for her. Maggie absolutely LOVES her. No luck. During this time I called the ER & spoke to the nurse. I was told that they were waiting for the doctor to read the x ray & they would call me back with the results. And the search continued.

After about an hour, I had several volunteers helping me look for Maggie. Finally, I glimmer of hope. I asked a man walking his dog if he saw a little brown dog. He responded, the one with the red leash? YES, YES! that's the one. I just saw her around the bend by the playground. WONDERFUL! Mission accomplished. Now I can go to the hospital, one less worry.

I ran down the street ( in my backless sandals) & yelled (huffing & puffing) to the neighbor that she was spotted around the other side of the neighborhood. She & her girls hopped in her car, went one way & I the other. I saw Maggie running up the street, like a gazelle, toward my car. My thoughts were, she's alive. I was feeling some relief. I threw the car into park, nearly dropping the transmission & got out to get her. I called for her but she ran the other way. Poor thing, so many strange people calling & chasing her. I think she was overwhelmed & scared. Who wouldn't be. She darted past my rescue crew & head toward the main road. My glimmer of hope just began to fade away.

To Be Continued........

Friday, June 26, 2009

Why Magic Kingdom Became Tragic Kingdom Part 2

So I left off with the phone call from my childhood friend telling me that my mom fell & that the ambulance was called. At this point she didn't know any other details & that she would call her dad for details. After I hung up the phone my husband said "Just calm down, she probably just has some scrapes & cuts. Let's just get to the airport & we will figure out what we should do."

Five minutes had gone by & I didn't hear from my friend. So, I called her back. She didn't know anything more. I asked "What about our dog? She was watching our dog. Do you know if the dog was in the house?" She replied, "I'm not sure." I called her dad & asked for details. He told me your mom fell outside on the driveway & was calling for help, she couldn't get up. He call the ambulance & they were transporting her to the hospital. "She was watching our dog. Do you know where the dog is?" The neighbor replied, "Is it the brown dog with the red leash?" YES! I said. "Everyone in the neighborhood has been trying to catch her." he responded.

I was frantic! My mother probably broke her hip & my dog is missing. What do I do. My husband at this point was also crazy. I called my mother in law. Frantically crying, I explained scene. She suggested that I get on the plane & that she would look for the dog. I couldn't take that advise. She lives an hour away & time was precious. Someone has to help this poor little dog. My daughter will be in therapy if I don't find this dog. Mom was at least at the hospital & we were waiting on x ray results.

After months of planning this great trip, the plans are now unraveling. My husband said that I should go home & find out what is going on with both my mom & dog. "I'll drop the kids & myself off at the extended stay parking place & then you go home. I'll talk to the airlines about a medical emergency & you call me when you know something. It's stupid for all of us to cancel the trip. You can meet us there later." We did just that. I sobbed & kissed them all good bye. They departed for the airport as I departed into the twilight zone of hell.

To Be Continued......

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Magic Kingdom Became Tragic Kingdom Part 1

This year my husband & I made the decision instead of a beach vacation, we would go to Disney. We felt that the kids are now old enough, no strollers to push, they can probably handle the heat better than an infant or toddler & they are old enough to remember this trip the rest of their lives. Once you read about my experience, you will agree that remembering this trip is an understatement. So get your Kleenex or Puffs (if you prefer) & get ready for a good cry.

March 2009: We booked our Disney trip after much research. AAA had the best deal over all.

May 2009: The excitement begins to build about the trip & the count down began. Start to lake our list of things we need to take & shop for new clothes.

June 9, 2009: Schools out for the summer & the packing begins.

June 10, 2009: My last day of work for the summer. Let the final push to pack begin.

June 11, 2009: Shop for last minute items, get hair cut, pedicure & get the dog extra supplies.
8:3o pm-Take dog to mom's house. (She has agreed to watch the dog while we are gone.) Got everyone oriented to each other, that is mom to dog & dog to house.
9:30 pm- Say good bye & leave.

June 12, 2009:
8:00 am-Stop by mom's house with additional info about dog & flight #'s, where we are staying etc..... One final good bye to the dog & we are off.
8:10 am-Get on the Parkway East & we are off to the airport.
8:17 am-Cell phone rings. Why is the school calling? Answer phone, it is a friend that works at the school & has my cell #. My stomach is instantly sick. She tells me that me mom fell on the driveway & that the neighbors have called the ambulance....

Part Two to follow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Magic Kingdom Turns to Tragic Kingdom

Our long awaited trip to Disney went from these expectations,

to doom & gloom. Details to follow when I get my life in order.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Preparing For Vacation

Schools out, or in our case just about out. That only means one thing in our family, beach trip. In the past have gone to Ocean City but the excitement wore off & the crowd tends to be high school & college students. Too wild for a family trip so we now head to Myrtle Beach. We love it.

I recommend to friends to stay at the Breakers (http://www.breakers.com/ ). They have several pools & a lazy river & pool side service (the ones that all adults love). This year we are heading to Disney for our vacation but hope to get a great deal at some point to return to Myrtle for a long weekend.

The preparation for any beach trip can be crazy. I am constantly making a list of what we need to pack. So here is a list for you to use as a guide to prepare for your next beach trip.

Vacation List:
Facial soap
Shaving cream
Brush & comb
Curling Iron
Facial creams
Make up
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Contact lenses case
Eye glasses
Sun glasses
Bathing suit
Sun screen
Boogie boards
Hair clips
Pony tail holders
Kid activities for the car
DS & games
DVD players
Sand toys
Flip flops
Sandals & flip flops
Tennis shoes
Baby Powder
Snacks & drinks

Have a fun & safe trip this summer.

Monday, June 1, 2009

For Real or For Ratings

Jon & Kate plus 8 have been in the media like crazy lately. I'm not sure what my thoughts are on the Gosselin family. If it were me, I would have lost my mind a long, long time ago. Do you think the hype is for ratings or is it reality? I want to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment.


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